Compilations and Reviews

We provide the following fixed fee* accounting services:

Click here for compilations and reviews required by the Nevada Contractors Board.

Click here for reviews required for Crowdfunding.

We perform compilation and reviews remotely. That means, there is no need to be located near us! 

Full Disclosure Compilations (with Independent CPA’s Report**):

Starting at $600. Email or call us for a quote.

Reviews (with Independent CPA’s Report**):

Reviews start at $1,500. Email or call us for a quote.

*Please note that our fixed fee prices are contingent upon our CPA receiving complete, clean and accurate accounting record at the beginning of the engagement. Incomplete records and multiple revisions to the financial statements will result in additional fees billed hourly at the rate of $325 per partner hour and/or $100 per staff hour. Generally, this pricing is good for brand new businesses with NO prior activity, or for clients who are currently using a certified bookkeeper or accountant for the preparation of their books. Books in which are not prepared by a certified bookkeeper or an accountant are subject to additional fees, as described above.

** Independence will be reviewed prior to signing the engagement letter. Independence is not guaranteed. If we are unable to issue an independent CPA’s report, we will notify you prior to the start of the engagement.